Artist's Statement

The creation of an object of peaceful and simple beauty is my primary goal when setting out to make a piece of art work. My work is formal, about the forms, and their relationships to each other. I use a variety of materials, usually one or two at a time. The choice of material itself is not a large part of the “meaning” of the work yet the material matters in that I seek inherent beauty of color or texture--natural shades and surfaces. In the past, I have spent years working with glass (blown, cast, or fused) because of its light-related beauty; and then working with plaster, wax, soap, wood in my sculptural work and most recently with fiber. My work is often describe as architectural; for 3-D work, though I would prefer the use of the word “structural”. I do feel as though I am building each piece by repetitively adding incremental parts. Through this action, a sense of the passage of time is invoked. Simple geometry and mathematics are important to me as a means of visually ordering the world, and play a part in my choice of shapes, patterns and repetition in my art work. I create sculpture and prints on paper with apparent negative and positive spaces. I use squares and circles, often with the insides cut out. My work is about the relationship between the forms, and about the spaces between them, about the sense of inside and of outside. The work may be simple yet often consists of many small pieces or spaces. I make overlaps and layers which are intended to be seen in relation to each other. Though the work contains much angularity, it is soft, gentle, elegant, perhaps meditative, hopefully quietly thought-provoking.